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About Enterprise Geospatial Information Systems

We provide design, analysis, development, configuration management, and operation for geospatial information systems.  Acts as a leader and consultant in innovative applications and effective enterprise practices for geospatial information.

The Enterprise GIS Group will achieve measurable benefits through:

  1. Accelerated Research: through continuing implementation of state-of-the-art geospatial technologies and the provision of a highly accessible base map in a variety of formats
  2. Enrichment of Education: through the pervasive integration of seamless mapping and visualization tools into curricula
  3. Knowledge Transfer: through dissemination of research results, best practices, and rigorous analysis of geospatial data to university researchers and our partners in a visually comprehensive format
  4. Streamlined Processes: by reducing spatial data duplication and increasing efficient, timely access to current maps and data for internal administrative operations
  5. Enhanced Security: by creating innovative, replicable benefits for communities by utilization of the most current geospatial data, tools, and analysis available for public safety and security interests

For more information, visit the Enterprise GIS website