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ES Steering Committee

Charge: To provide advice and counsel that assists in guiding, supporting, and communicating Enterprise Systems’ strategic aims at Virginia Tech.

Enterprise Systems supports the missions of the university by developing, coordinating, and managing application software systems that provide critical information services for all university constituents.

Enterprise Systems’ role is to facilitate an enterprise-wide view of university applications while insuring that these systems maintain an effective balance between information technology and university functionality.

Enterprise Systems develops and supports university, mission-critical information technology systems with the following goals:

  • Implementing applications from an enterprise-wide view to address availability, scalability, security, integration, and software standards
  • Managing a portfolio of enterprise priorities and projects to insure alignment with strategic needs
  • Continually integrating, developing and enhancing information systems to insure long-term viability of enterprise software investments
  • Collaborating with university faculty, staff, and students to facilitate process transformation
  • Insuring that information is accessible while safeguarding against loss, abuse, and corruption

Committee Membership and Activity

Members will be invited to serve on the steering committee by the Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems, with the committee’s size remaining small enough to encourage fluid interaction, discussion, and representation of a range of perspectives.

Members will meet approximately once each semester to discuss Enterprise Systems aims and challenges.

Members may assist in encouraging university-wide information sharing and collaborative planning on challenges and issues related to enterprise technologies.

Staff Participation

Enterprise Systems’ senior staff will participate and contribute to committee meetings as needed.